Rabbit Burger

Marinated Rabbit Liver

“ Bolognese” Rabbit Sauce

Rabbit Meat Sausages, with Herbs

Oak Smoked Rabbit Fillet

We are a Family Farm

Rabbit Farms by Trompetas Family, was founded in 1990 in the Megara area, Attica, Greece, by the Trompetas family, with sole purpose the production of rabbit meat.

Trompetas Farm

Start your own Farm

Rabbit Farms Industries, by Trompetas Family, is the biggest unit for the production of rabbit meat in Greece, and can provide valuable information and technical infrastracture/advice to whom is interested in creating his own rabbit breeding unit.

Rabbit Farm
Nutritional value low in fat and calories, compared to other meats Promotes consumer's health and fitness According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), rabbit's meat is the most suitable for human consumption.

Important Note for a Healthy Diet

Rabbit's nutrition includes a big percentage of fresh green leaves, along with foods rich in Ω-3 fatty acids, which enrich their meat with these valuable nutrients for the human organism.

Rabbit's meat has exceptional nutritional value, and is low in calories, compared to other meats, a fact yet unknown to most of the consumers.

Comparative Advantages Rabbit's meat is superior in bionutritional value from all other meats.

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